Projectile point found in North Dakota

Many Metcalf team members specialize in various areas of prehistoric archaeology, which is the study of cultural materials from people without written historic records. In the areas where we operate, this includes sites with early Native American artifacts and/or features. These resources often vary in complexity from a small group of stone flakes to entire villages with numerous features and artifacts.

Projectile point from WyomingWe commonly encounter artifacts such as debitage (stone flakes), projectile points, groundstone (manos and metates), lithic cores, and other types of stone tools. Features including hearths, stone circles, and cairns are also common. Occasionally, we find artifacts such as ceramic pot sherds and beads, come across pit houses and rock art, and discover other unique and interesting resources. When we encounter sites that are culturally important to living Native American tribes we facilitate Native American consultation as directed by the principal federal agency.

Whether cultural resources on your project are numerous or sparse, simple or complex, Metcalf is prepared to do all work necessary to ensure that they are properly recorded and, when necessary, help design an effective treatment plan to mitigate any adverse effects.

For more information on our cultural resource management services, please contact us.