GPS and map out in the field

Metcalf provides advanced geospatial services for our clients and specializes in the application of Geographic Information System (GIS) processes to cultural resource management. Our team members’ skills can also be applied to a wide range of other GIS and spatial analysis studies. Services include data collection, digital conversion, database creation, sophisticated modeling, as well as advanced spatial and statistical analyses.

Metcalf field crews are equipped with Trimble Geo-XT 6000 GPS units and, when necessary, more advanced surveying equipment. Using data transferred directly from the field, our GIS Specialists create project maps accurately depicting the scope of the project, cultural resource survey corridor, and any archaeological sites that were encountered. These maps facilitate efficient execution and allow Metcalf to recommend modifications to your project, such as alternative routes or shifts in the project footprint. Additionally, the maps provide a useful tool for interested stakeholders to more clearly understand the history and prehistory of the project area. PLEASE NOTE that confidentiality stipulations by local, state, tribal or federal agencies may not allow Metcalf to divulge any resource location information.

If clients require unique GIS services, we provide outstanding cartographic production for brochures, posters, or reports tailored to meet your needs. For additional information on our GIS services, please contact us.